Cooking Demonstrations

FREE Cooking Demonstrations and sampling with local chef Ben Di Rosa from Zecca Handmade Italian. 

Watch and learn the art of handmade pasta with the chance to have a hands-on experience. Not a machine in site, everything is made by hand!
Ben will also be preparing a variety of sauces using regional produce to pair with the freshly made pasta. And the best part is you get to taste test!



More about Zecca Handmade Italian Artisan Dried Pasta:

“Zecca Handmade Italian Artisan Pasta was born when we realised something: why isn’t anyone producing an Australian artisan pasta made from Riverina durum wheat? And a high-quality product at that? The pasta you buy from your local supermarket was missing a vital ingredient – love.

We were already making pasta every day for Zecca so we thought why not add a dried pasta to that offer so people could take our product home to enjoy whenever they wanted. A gap in the market which needed filling and we decided to fill it, one bag at a time.”

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