Everything you need to know and answers to your questions about being an exhibitor at the Riverina Field Days. A full list of Terms and Conditions is available within the application form. If you need any further information or unsure please feel free to contact us.

Summary of what you need to know about SETTING UP AND PACKING UP & Safety Information. 

Please pass this information onto delivery drivers. 

Request for Specific Sites

Upon receiving your application, your site will be allocated and we will advise your site number as the event draws closer. An invoice will be sent for payment.  Please note: adjusting and re-allocating of site numbers is common can be subject to change.  For returning Exhibitors, we will endeavour to allocate your same site if application form is received before 31st January 2024 and try our best to accommodate new exhibitors of your preferred site, however this cannot be guaranteed. Should there be any issues with your allocated site, please contact our office IMMEDIATELY.  If you choose a NON powered site and require power, it is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to supply their own generator.

Collection of Passes & Exhibitor Packs

Our site office will be open from Thursday 9th May 2024 from 8am – 5pm for collection of  Exhibitor Passes & Exhibitor Info Packs.

All exhibitors MUST check in with the Site Office prior to setting up. This includes all delivery drivers and couriers.  Here you will receive your Exhibitor Passes & Exhibitor Info Pack.  Please set up before 9am as access via vehicle will be limited, so please allow enough time.

Set up 

Large Exhibitors with heavy machinery can set up from Monday 6th May 2024 – Thursday 9th May 2024 from 7am – 4pm each day. Please contact Jason on 0402 621 322 to advise prior. 

Small Exhibitors are encouraged to set up on Thursday 9th May 2024 between 8am – 5pm.

Set up can also occur on  Friday 10th May 2024 but is limited between 6.30am – 8.45am. (Gates open to the public at 9am)

Set up on Saturday 11th May 2024 is from 7.00am– 8.45am. (Gates open to the public at 9am)

After hours delivery is available by appointment only. Please contact our office during business hours.

It’s recommended to wear high-vis during set up and pack up if using machinery, forklifts etc. 

Any machinery or vehicles wider than 5m are asked to enter via GATE 3 to be set up on site by Wednesday 5pm.

Pack Up

Pack up can commence on Saturday AFTER 4pm. Under NO circumstances is pack up permitted prior to this time. 


Please be advised there are NO vehicles (moving or stationary) permitted after 9am within the arena or driveaways when gates open to the public at 9am. All vehicles must leave the arena before gates open to the public. 

Some exceptions could be made by contacting the site office for extenuating circumstances. A speed limit of 10 kph shall apply at all times within the confines of the field day site. All heavy vehicles/machinery shall have right of way. 

Exhibitor Parking

Is available via GATE 2 & 3

Wet weather conditions

In the event of wet weather, all exhibitors are encouraged to set up as early as possible (particularly local exhibitors) in the days leading up to the event. This will minimise traffic congestion and for safety reasons. Please be advised that muddy ground conditions may cause closure of some gates.

If you are located on the outer arena, please set up from outside the fence and avoid driving on the driving on the arena.

Gates for Exhibitors 

GATE 1: YELLOW. Murrumbidgee Ave (Main entry)

GATE 2: Pink. Merrigal Street (Murrumbigee Ave end)

GATE 3: Green. Merrigal Street (Woodside Hall End)

GATE 4: Blue. Walla Ave. (Public Entry)

Depending on where your site is located, please refer to our COLOUR CODED EXHIBITOR MAP for entry and exit. This will minimise traffic congestion and ensure a smooth flow. Please ensure you use the correct gate as traffic control may re-direct you. Max speed is 10km/ph.

Download HERE

Woodside Hall

No Exhibitors are permitted to hang or stick posters/signage onto the walls of the Woodside Hall at the direction of the Showground Trust. All exhibitors, along with any products, stock, tables, rubbish, chairs etc must vacate the hall after Saturday 4pm. Woodside Hall Exhibitors must provide their own extension leads and power boards to reach the power. All electrical extension leads and appliances must have current approval tags. (tag & tested). Access to power can be located along the walls, and sites in the centre can be located overhead. 


The use of forklifts to set up and pack up will be available to Exhibitors from Monday – Saturday with the aid of RFD Staff. Exhibitor use of forklifts will be at the sole discretion of RFD Management at all times and only operated by those who can present a valid licence. Use of forklifts is on a first in first served basis. Please indicate when checking in at the site office if you require this service.


Security will be in place Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night from 7pm-7am. In the event of heavy rain and the need to set up and pack outside of these days, we will arrange additional security.

Theft, loss and/or damage

Whilst taking all care and providing security for the duration of the RFD, the Coro Club (as organiser of the Riverina Field Days) SHALL NOT be held responsible for theft, loss or damage to the exhibitors’ property whilst at the Riverina Field Days. Refer to T&C’s on application form. 

Powered Sites & Electricity

Please ensure you are aware if your site is powered or non powered prior to setting up. If you have chosen a non powered site, and require power, you must provide your own generator.  Woodside Hall Exhibitors must provide extension leads and power boards. All electrical extension leads and appliances must have current approval tags. Exhibitors must only use and operate approved portable power boards with residual current device (RCD) earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) protection when drawing electricity from the RFD supply grid. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to provide generators, power boards and extension leads – all tag & tested.

Extra Exhibitor Passes

Within your site hire fee includes an allocated number of passes. If you wish to purchase extra passes, you can indicate on your application form or they can be purchased when you check in with the site office before setting up.

Marquee’s, Tables and Chairs

If you’re looking for marquee hire, or tables/chairs, visit our Hire Companies page for recommendations. Please liaise directly with your hire company and advise of your site number. Please remind hire companies to check in with the site office prior to setting up on your behalf.

Exhibitor Listing

Our Exhibitor Listing is updated regularly on our website and exhibitors will be included in the printed entry brochure if your site is secured before our deadline listed on the application form. Beyond this date, you’ll only be listed on our website. 

Hay Bales

Hay bales must be pre-ordered and will be delivered to your site. Extra bales may be available on the day, however, please note stock is limited. 


If you have any demonstrations or something exciting to showcase throughout the 2 days , please visit our site office when setting up to advise.

Social Media Promotion

Our advertising aim is for visitors to view our website to check out what’s on and actively promote exhibitors via social media throughout the 2 days. Be sure to tag the Riverina Field Days @riverinafielddays #rfd2024

ATM / EFT Facilities

There will be an ATM available at the site office, however we do encourage each exhibitor to have their own EFT facilities available. 

Parcel Pick up Service

We’ll pick up your customers goods and deliver to the nearest gate. Simply ask your customers to visit the Site Office to fill out a form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Cleaning your site

All exhibitors are requested to leave their site in a tidy condition. If there is not a garbage bin close to your site, please leave any rubbish, boxes etc. in a pile on one part of your site. Should your site be left in a condition which the organisers deem unacceptable you may not be invited to attend the following year.

Garbage collection

Garbage will be collected periodically throughout the event. Please do not place cardboard boxes into public bins. RFD staff will periodically collect. Contact the site office if excess rubbish removal is required. 

Public liability

Exhibitors MUST have their own Public Liability insurance $20,000,000 cover whilst on site and should complete the necessary section on the Application Form. Failure to supply this information on your form will mean you WILL NOT be able to attend.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Riverina Field Days has a zero tolerance approach towards the presence of illicit drugs within the workplace. If at any time a person is required to operate vehicles, heavy or otherwise, machinery or other high risk work -the blood alcohol content limit is zero (0.00%) and not under the influence of illicit drugs. Employees, Contractors & Exhibitors are not permitted to consume or work/attend the Riverina Field Days while under the influence and must always conduct themselves responsibly.

Evacuation Procedure and Assembly Point

In the event of an emergency, the meeting point is located at the Site Office.

Fire Management

In the event of a fire, fire extinguishers can be located inside the Woodside Hall, Food Court and Arena. Please refer to the Utilities Map located inside your Exhibitor pack.

First Aid

In the event of a person being injured first aid is located at the Site Office. For serious injuries please call 000 and notify the site office.

Cancellation fees

Exhibitors must advise of their cancellation in writing to RFD via .

Cancellations received 90-61 days prior to the field days will attract a cancellation fee of 25% of the site fee. Cancellations received 60-31 days prior to the field days will attract a  cancellation fee of 50% of the site fee. Cancellations received within the 30 days prior to the field days will attract a cancellation fee of 100% of the site fee. Please discuss your individual circumstances with us.

*RFD reserves the right to update this information at any time. 

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