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Applications are now open to Exisiting Exhibitors!

31st January 2022 is the deadline to secure your existing site from 2021. After this date, sites will be available to the wider public. 

It’s easy to book a site! Simply download our Site Map and Price list, choose your preferred site and send us your application form by 22nd April 2022.

Step 1: View 2022 Site Map 

Please note there has been some changes to site numbers

Step 2: View Site Prices

Step 2: Download 2022 Application Form and email to

Step 3: Ensure you read our FAQ’s Section before attending

Contact Details

|  Ph:  (02) 6962 1180   | Fax:  (02) 6962 7504

Important Dates to Remember

31st January 2022 is the deadline for Exisiting Exhibitors to secure their previous site. Beyond this date will be available to the wider public.

22nd April 2022 is the FINAL date to secure a site and to have your business listed in the Official Entry Brochure or to secure advert space in the entry brochure. After this date your business will only be listed online.

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